Monday, December 2, 2013

Merry Craftmas!


Thanksgiving came and went in a hurry. Gray Thursday and Black Friday are over. Small business Saturday was a success, and here we are on Cyber Monday! It's CRAZY to me that there is almost a week of shopping days that people look forward to more than the holidays themselves. I have never been a big fan of Black Friday and it's counterparts, but that's just me. While your browsing websites for deals today, take a break and check out my tutorial for making a DIY wreath for your front door. Christmas decorating is in full swing right now, and Ive got a great project that wont cost you that shopping money, and makes a great statement!

Justin and I went to get our Christmas tree yesterday, and I couldn't help but grab a whole bunch of clippings. They let you take as many as you want, which is great for people like myself who love to repurpose things. I have an old wreath for my front door, but I wanted an updated look this year. While at Lowes yesterday I stumbled across this plaid ribbon and fell in love! It only made sense to combine it with the clippings.

I started out by making the bow. I like to get the hard part that's not really that hard out of the way. There are tons of tutorials for this online, and I forgot to take pictures while I was making I will just refer you to my favorite tutorial over at Fresh Idea Studio!

When your bow is done in all of its glory, then you need to adhere it to something! I picked out a fan of tree clippings and bunched them together with a rubber band. It's that simple. I added a sprig of berries I pulled out of a bush in my side yard, just for a touch of rustic. I love the combination of pine needles and berries for Christmas! 
For a final touch add your bow to the top, and hang on your front door. 

Not only does it look and smell festive, but you made it with love, and you can appreciate that every time you walk in your door! 

Good luck with your holiday decorating! 

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