Monday, February 24, 2014

Im back with an epic thrift find!

Whoa. That was a long hiatus. The holidays, New Years Eve, many birthdays including my own, and the usual things like work and school have left me to put blogging on the backburner. I'm back though today, with the thrift store find of ALL thrift store finds.

I have recently been on a mission to transform all of my usual d├ęcor, into a cleaner, more contemporary style. I have this urge to neutralize everything. Creams, beige, whites, blues, and my oh-so-favorite GREIGE, are what I want. And for whatever reason, I want them right now. I think having such a busy lifestyle has given me an urge to simplify my life at home. I crave neutral comforting style as a kind of escape from the outside world. Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE color, and I always have. I have not abandoned my colorful tastes entirely. I just find that I get sick of too much of it at once, when I used to love it. Neutrals allow for pops of color, and it is very easy to change those colorful details as I wish.

I recently completed my DIY headboard. That is another post for another day, but it is a simple beige linen. I currently own the Barbara Barry Poetical duvet collection, and I just purchased the Garland Sparta Area Rug in tan. These are 3 key features of my bedroom transformation. As for the living room, I have been on a quest for a few occasional chairs to really transform the space, and today.... I found them.   

May I present to you, the thrift store find, of ALL thrift store find.

I picked up a set of brand new Safavieh Fairfax side chairs for $60 at my local thrift store.

These retail for $495.00 on the Safavieh website. Can you say SCORE???

They are beyond perfect. And the price..... don't even get me started. I cant fathom who would donate two brand new, still in plastic, Safavieh masterpieces!

It must be destiny! The interior design gods have spoken.

I can't wait to finish redecorating so I can show you all the changes. It's SO exciting!

Until next time...

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