Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Schools back for the fall

Hello friends!
Sorry it has been a few days since I last posted. I hope you enjoyed my post on the DIY outdoor chandelier.

School started yesterday so it has taken me some time to adjust to my new schedule. Did I mention I am still in school? At the age of 23, I never guessed that I would still be saying that.
I am just starting my 6th (and final) year at Georgia State University, and though it has taken me a long time to finish... it wasn't my choice.
I have had my ups and downs with the financial aid department at my university, and I have had to take a year and a half off due to payment reasons...regrettably! Gasp! But I guess when it's not up to you, what choice do you have?

That's my situation however....

School starting means great things though. Not only is the vibe much more energetic and happy around these times, but it only means one thing......


Fall is the best time for crafting and recipes...
College Football
The list goes on...

Stick by me and I will be sure not to disappoint. I have a whole list of things I plan on getting done. I will be sure to blog about them so that I can inspire you guys to get creative this fall too!

See you in a couple days!

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