Friday, August 23, 2013

Summertime Craftness

Happy Friday everyone!

 Another week has gone by and it means that we are inching closer and closer to Fall. This is bittersweet for me because I love summertime so much! The hot weather, vacation to the beach, margaritas, and family BBQs. There are so many great things about summer!
Then comes fall. The leaves start falling, pumpkin everything (I do not like a lot of pumpkin food stuff, I will admit) College football, and chilly weather.

Both seasons are fantastic as far as I'm concerned.
What is sometimes hard, is just the transition into another. I do love change however, and I'm always ready for something new.

Today I want to showcase a project that I did early in the summer, and pay homage to all those times we grilled out with friends, lit up the fire pit in our backyard, and truly enjoyed the summer weather on those nights.

Best thing of all......this project cost me absolutely nothing!

When we moved into our house, there was an old brass builder grade chandelier laying around. You know the ones....
Anywho, I wanted to do something with it, but I knew that I did not want to put it back up inside our house. We already have hanging light fixtures and too many plenty of various table lamps and floor lamps. So I went with the idea of an outdoor chandelier! It would be perfect for our back patio space!
I started by cleaning it well to remove any debris, dust, and dirt.
Then I had to remove the candle tubes, and wiring underneath. I simply popped the tubes off, and cut the wires down as far as I could.

I gave the candle trays one last wipe down under where the tubes used to be, and prepped the chandelier for painting.
I hung the chandelier outside in my backyard from a tree, so that I could spray paint it effortlessly and have the chance to spin it around to coat it completely. I used one of my very favorite spray paints called 'Heirloom White' by Rustoleum. If you are any sort of crafty, home, DIY blogger you know the magic of the HW. Its always the perfect white for bringing any old piece forward into modern times.

I gave my chandy 3 coats, letting it dry in between. I then finished with a clear coat just to seal it from the elements.  
THAT, my friends is the extent of it. This is seriously easy stuff right here guys! Don't ever pass by an old chandelier! You. Can. DOOOOO. it.
One more time for the hell of it. The Before and After.
Just add some pilar candles that match your outdoor décor, and you are good to go my friends!

Get Crafty Peeps!

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